The feet and ankle form a complex system which consists of 28 bones, 33 joints and 112 ligaments which are controlled by 13 extrinsic and 21 intrinsic muscles. There are various adjustments Chiropractic can provide to allow your feet to experience less pain and more motion. If you’ve ever experienced plantar fasciitis, cramping or feet that feel like blocks of cement, then do please consider coming in to have your feet adjusted.  

The use of inserts / orthotics is a secondary measure that I believe can also alleviate not only foot pain but knee, hip and back ailments as well. Orthotics can alleviate pain due to the body’s abnormal alignment, altered biomechanics and possible pre existing feet conditions such as; flat feet, hammer toes, bursitis, bunions etc. When support is given to the foundation of our stance, the body’s weight  is redistributed, the foot’s anatomy is altered and major positive changes can occur.