Client Testimonials

“Heather Munroe has been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. I often hobble into her office and walk out and inch taller. I’m certain I could not run my Children’s Theatre Company without her passionate care for her patient’s wellbeing.”

Anita Burleson, Pemberton BC


“Heather is passionate about chiropractic care and consistently makes time for people in pain. She seems to know intuitively where you are hurting. I always leave her office with such a sense of relief and gratitude. I highly recommend Heather as a chiropractor.”

Tamsin, Pemberton BC

“Heather ‘s knowledge and skill set for body alignment is outstanding. The results are real and life-changing. Thanks for keeping me straight and feeling good over the years !”

Long time client, Whistler BC

“I can’t thank Heather enough for helping me continue to live an active ‘Sea to Sky lifestyle’! Not only has she helped me work through injuries old and new, but she would always volunteer her time to work on the Whistler Gymnastics competitive athletes (and coaches!!) It was such an asset to the team and staff! I appreciate her experience, knowledge, and the genuine care and time she takes to listen to your needs. Our community is fortunate to have someone with her level of caring and expertise!”

Seija Halonen, Former competitive gymnastics coach/choreographer at Whistler and Pemberton Gymnastics

“After my first visit I could just not believe the difference Heather made to my body. My whole body felt like it was performing more efficiently and I was moving so well. I want to maintain an active lifestyle and Heather makes that possible. She knows exactly what I need and I love how passionate she is about what she does.”

Corrina, Whistler BC

“I’ve tried several different Chiropractors over the years, but never felt comfortable letting any of them adjust my neck. Heather’s caring rapport put me at ease from the very first appointment. She’s the only one I’ve ever felt comfortable to adjust my neck and the only Chiropractor I’ll see.”

Christine, Pemberton BC

“Heather is so great at fixing me up after my adventures! She quickly finds my trigger points. I can show up with a nagging headache and leave feeling great with no pain.”

Long time client, Pemberton BC



“Wow, I walked in with the worst lingering migraine and walked out feeling human again. Heather, you are a magician! Thank you.”

Tara, Pemberton BC